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Birthdate:Feb 14

[series]: Kingdom Hearts II
[character]: Demyx
[character history / background]: We know very little of Demyx, just the four minutes of canon cut-scenes, battles, and the fact that he is a nobody in Organization XIII, which means that he was once fully human, but he was in some sort of fight or attack which resulted in the loss of his heart. We don’t really know whether that means their physical heart as well as emotional, but it results in nobodies being emotionless for the most part.

Because he is in Organization XIII, we know that his heart must have been very strong; enough to, as a nobody, remember what emotions were like. He was the ninth such person that this happened to as far as we know.

He was sent on a mission to the Underworld to fetch the Olympus Stone, in which he encounters Sora, Donald, and Goofy, as well as something that he is seen running away from [assumed to be the three-headed dog Cerberus.] Anything else that can be said of his time pre-nobody is all theory. However, it is widely accepted that he played the sitar before the accident.

[character abilities]: When he plays his sitar, which he can summon on command, he can form and control clones of himself, made of water. He summons them by shouting ‘DANCE, WATER, DANCE!’ Like every member of Organization XIII, he holds power over the regular, low-level nobodies (Dusks), and his own specific nobodies, which are called Dancers [neither of which he will have in The City]. Like the rest of the members he has the ability to create portals to get to and from various places.

[character personality]: He doesn’t like to fight, but if he’s in a situation that he can’t avoid it, he will. Although he does have his moments of being frightened, as well as slightly spazzy. When he meets up with Sora the second time he tells them that they do, in fact, have hearts, and that he shouldn’t judge people by appearance.

He doesn’t like to fight or any form of aggression. He seems to need instruction sheets for every mission he is sent on. He has a set of morals and doesn’t like to judge or be judged. Although neither members of Organization XIII nor nobodies have hearts, Demyx is an odd one out, claiming that not only he, but all of the organization have hearts. When he realizes that he needs to complete the mission he is on, the normally skittish, light-hearted [haha pun?] nobody turns a different cheek on Sora. He puts on an aggressive mask and he appears to go a complete 180, going into the battle, that will ultimately cost him his life, and he fades into the light.

[point in timeline]: Post-mortem; butt-kicking by Sora.

[character name]: Demyx
[series]: Kingdom Hearts
[player eljay]: [community profile] rpisamuseing
[4th walling?]: Encouraged~ ♥
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