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Nov. 7th, 2031 09:09 pm
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Hey. I'm Demyx, and this is my cell-u-lar phone. Except, I guess I'm not Demyx, 'cause this is just a message for when I don't answer the phone. Right? I mean, not that I'm not Demyx. I am Demyx, just- not over the phone? No wait, I'm actua- [Beeeeeeeeeep.]

[OoC: Expect no text-backs, he can't type for crap.]
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So, it's great to play Demyx, because his canon is pretty much three minutes total, but it's also really difficult to play Demyx, because


So please, PLEASE tell me if I'm doing it wrong, or something you'd like to mention, or say how I can improve, by posting a comment here. I promise that so long as it's more than 'u suk', I'll take it seriously. 'u suk a lot?'

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Standard concrit entry here. Not really all that much more to say? Also could be for plotting. Comments screened.
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[Voice Post]

Okay, so, I've been here for a while, but I guess that I still don't really get what all this New Year's thing is that everyone talks about. Like, I get that it's a new year, but what's all the celebration about?

Anyway, I'm gonna take advantage of the weather. I'll be at the beach all day. Anyone wanna join me?

[/Voice Post]
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[Video/Action Post]

So, uh, pretty nice weather, huh? I mean, I'm not too used to snow, so I guess that I'll be out exploring and stuff! Maybe I'll see you out there, yeah?

[He goes to turn it off, but misses, and you see him put his hood up and start off for the shadows of buildings, and he skulks around in them for about a minute, before it shuts off automatically.]


[OoC: I AM SO SORRY, I THOUGHT IT WAS THE 11TH TODAY. Please to be backdating to yesterday, thank you!]
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[Voice Post]

[His voice lacks the usual pep that it has. It sounds tired, maybe even shaky?] So, uh, is this the dream curse again? It wasn't like I'm normally used to with it.


I was in some sort of stadium, I think. And there were a lot of dead people, and a gun. Is anyone else getting that?

I mean, it's gotta be a curse. I've never had that happen before.

[/Voice Post]

[OoC: Euphie's memory! Which, incidentally, is the one where she's geass'd (essentially mind-controlled) to kill all of the Japanese, who are coincidentally ALL IN ONE STADIUM. Hooray machine guns. ;.; Demyx is re-living this via dream.]
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[Voice Post]

I know a lot of people complain about it, and don't like it. But I'm actually pretty thankful for being in the City. If I wasn't- well, who knows where I'd be? I'm dead back home.

And even before then, the City totally beats everyone else that I was around in friendliness. Seriously, I'm learning a lot about people, and lots of people just kinda go up and talk to you! And Roxas is a great person to live with, which is still pretty awesome. Everyone's so nice, even about my sitar playing.

Speaking of which, Curt, thanks for taking the chance that most people wouldn't- when I auditioned, I mean. Time Bomb's awesome. Even though Campbell's gone. He was really awesome.

Hey, so, uh, this might be a curse, but I've been thinking about it anyway. You guys wanna come over my apartment some time?

[Pause, as if he's unsure about something, and then the feed ends.]

[/Voice Post]

[OoC: Feel free to interpret 'You guys' as 'anyone he's spoken to' or 'the network in general'. Also, comment and he'll give out some thank-yous individually. No, seriously. He wants to thank a lot more people. Forward dated to a more normal time, thank you.]
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[Voice Post]

Roxas! Hey, Roxas, if you're out there somewhere, say something. You haven't been home in a while. Did the visitors maul you or something?

Aw, come on, you can't have left, could you have? [A long, over-exaggerated sigh.] I guess I'm going to the Hall of the Missing today, but you'd better not be there!

[/Voice Post]

[Voice Post, Some Time Later]

Guess he left. At least the ticking's not here anymore, though, and I was used to doing most of the chores anyway. So I guess it's not that bad.

[Attempted Filter to Stephen Stills]

Uh, hey. What's up?
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[Video Post]

Oh, hey! This is definitely a curse that I don't mind.

What's going on, everyone? Anyone here that used to be in the City?

[/Video Post]

[OoC: I cannot even stress how much you could pretty much do whatever you hearts' desires are. I don't even know what to think about this but NEW KH GAME.]
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[Voice Post]

This is kinda annoying. I miss my sitar being blue. I guess it's not too bad, I dunno. [There's a pause for a moment, almost like he's turned it off, or planning on it.]

The network's been talking about getting some colors back today, though. Not everyone is, though, right?

Uh, you know, just wondering.

[/Voice Post]

[OoC: OKAY SO- I'm not saying that he's completely emotionless, but he's not feeling anything strongly enough to create the colors for himself.]
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[Voice Post]

No entiendo. Esta hablando, pero las palabras no esta familiar a mí. Es evidente que esta una maldición, ¡pero no sè que voy a hacer!

Momentito . . . ¡Neil! Tuviste esto el mes pasado, ¿Sí? Si tu puedes sufrir durante de este, yo puedo también.

[Translation: I don't understand. I'm talking, but the words aren't familiar to me. It's obvious that this is a curse, but I don't know what I'm going to do!

[Wait a] little moment . . . Neil! You (familiar) had this last month, yes? If you can suffer through this, I can too.]

[/Voice Post]

[OoC: Uhh, his Spanish voice can kinda be heard here or on some of her other videos. Mostly just dance water dance, but it gives you a sense of his voice. I totally remember hearing just a Spanish dub of Hollow Bastion, BUT APPARENTLY I CAN'T FIND IT SO IDEK. He has a substantial lisp that Spaniards have, so if you want to have your character notice that, go for it, but I'm not using Spain-based words, because I'm bad at regional words for the most part, and also because I can't tell you how many times I heard, "you'll never have to use vosotros".

ANYWAY. Lemme know if you want the translations when I'm threading with you. If you don't say anything, I'll assume yes. Lemme know if you find anything Spanish-wise that needs correcting, because my grammar is made of fail and lose.]
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[Action/Accidental Video Post]

[As Demyx puts aside his network device, so that it doesn't get in the way, he accidentally pushes the record button, and you get a view of Demyx, sitting down, from the back-right angle. He is at the beach, as he is wont to be in the summer, and he is playing his sitar. Unlike how he usually goes about this, i.e., playing random strings of melodies until he runs out, he is playing only a few.

However, he never gets too far in one; he keeps going back and repeating certain phrases over and over. While they sound nice to begin with, when he experiments with different notes, or styles, he gives a nod when one sounds better to him, and then goes on.

Eventually his device just shuts off, seemingly not able to take any more.]


[OoC: COME AND GET HIM. Also, eventually, once he realizes what this curse is, he will move to the Square, so if your character is unlikely to be at the beach, feel free to assume they run into him later, in the Square. Just make sure and mention it. Also please mention if an interaction is in person or over the network.]
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[Video Post]

Hey, so, uh, I've been playing around with the sitar that mom and dad got me on one of their business trips. I think I've got a song here. [He sort of abruptly begins playing, and the music sounds good. And then he starts singing. His voice isn't bad, at least.]

You say it's all been for the best,
and you never give anything a rest.
Why don't you put your words to the test?
Why don't you see how it's all been messed?

'Cause it's nooot thaaaat perfect.
We've all gotta make do with what we've got,
and what we've got aint-
uh, I mean- isn't much.
And nothing's all that it's cracked up to be,
but believe me when I say that it's cracked.

People say that it can be fixed,
but that's because they've never been mixed
all up in what we've been in.

And you can't tell 'cause you're not lookin'
at anything that's really cookin'
on the stove in your own kitchen, no, no, NO!

'Cause it's nooot thaaaat perfect.
We've all gotta make do with what we've got,
and what we've got isn't much.
And nothing's all that it's cracked up to be,
but believe me when I say that it's cracked.

[Abruptly the playing stops for him to look up at the camera, a little uncertain, yet cocky at the same time.]

Uh, yeah. So. That's- I mean, it's still kinda a work in process. But pretty good, huh?

[A fairly long pause.]

Daaaaaaaaaaave, you're doing stuff with music, right? Let's team up and make this a single!

[/Video Post]

[OoC: I developed way too much backstory for something that was supposed to be 'weird maybe-related neighbor'. Anyway! The family that he's possibly related to consists of [ profile] rehymenator, who is married to [ profile] totallyinaband, and they have a daughter [ profile] derse_princess. Rose's cousin is [ profile] ironicool, born of a hooker and [ profile] withloadedguns. [ profile] manofgnee is the middle child.

The lyrics are supposed to be awful, yes. Feel free to mock the hell out of them.]
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[Video Post]

[He is strolling along, clearly surrounded by trees and wildlife.] Uh, yeah. The rest of the group is being boring, so I went into the woods. There's supposed to be a shortcut to the lake or something. I even wore my trunks! See? [He aims the camera lower, and then pulls his pants out a little, showing that yes, he is in swimming trunks. Good for him. He points it at his face again.]

So, I didn't run away or anything- Well, I mean, I did, but only temporarily. Not run away run away. [Pause.] Lemme know when the music guy gets better songs. They're kinda stupid.

And Kyle, if you're listening, you're a jerk and I know what you did in my bed. That's why I gave your toothbrush a nice soak in the toilet. I think that it was probably flushed before I dipped it, but my memory's a little fuzzy. Later!

[/Video Post]

[OoC: Kyle and music guy are NPCs. Campbell, you still wanna be his group's CIT? HE IS A HANDFUL. CAMP ANAWANNA]
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[Accidental Video Post]

This is Demyx's journal. When it speaks, this is Demyx's voice. This is not how Demyx usually dresses.

"Alright, I got dressed, I practiced The Way, and I meditated." A pause, considering. "Well, sort of. Enough, anyway. There's only one mission for me to do today. You can do this." He suddenly looks down to notice the blinking 'rec' light. How he managed to accidentally post this is anyone's guess. He hastily pulls himself upright and stares straight into the camera, and attempts to make his voice deeper and more mysterious.

"If you see me today- Wait, no- You will not see me today. But if you do, I shall be the wind rolling softly. I shall be the scent of flowers in the air. I shall be the solidity at your feet." He hesitates, looks around as if trying to look for something, but seems to come up dry. "I shall be-"

And then he breaks into a cough, glares, and resumes his normal voice, muttering, "I can never remember that last one." He throws his head back into an evil laugh which sounds, quite frankly, lacking, but it also causes his hood to come off of his head. If you weren't sure that it was Demyx before, you are definitely sure now.

He seems to realize this and quickly fumbles for his hood and turns the recording off.

[/Video Post]

[OoC: NINJA!DEMYX IS ALL TIME BOMB'S FAULT. This is probably posted yesterday in the early morning, but please use this post for either Saturday, Sunday, or both, if you'd like. The first three seconds of this is his canon evil laugh. this is what Demyx has on his schedule for the day. 8) He's a failtacular villain ninja, yes.]
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[Video Post]

I should've known that after a week like that, you guys'd be back. But we were traveling to a bunch of different places. Any of you live in one of those worlds?

And while you're here, you guys see stuff, right? Stick around, Time Bomb might be performing for you guys.

[/Video Post]

[OoC: Because FlutterGuy could out-sing anyone in Time Bomb. Also, absolutely anything and everything goes.]
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[Voice Post]

So, it was really weird. There was this guy that came in with a camera and said he had a couple of questions to ask me. Then he started talking to me about my sitar and Time Bomb and the City and stuff. It was pretty neat! So I was asking him if he's seen us in concert or if he played anything and where he was from and stuff like that. After about five minutes he left. I dunno why, he was pretty cool, though.

Anyway, what's up with these clone things? The only clones I've ever had is my water, and I wanna keep it that way.

[/Voice Post]

[OoC: Backdated to a more normal time of communicating. Demyx asks a lot of questions.]
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[Video/Action Post]

Huh. You know, I don't remember having this much competition before. But it's alright, Time Bomb's still the best. [He grins rather cockily before playing a few measures of something that seems a little more rock than he usually plays.] Just a little preview for our fans of what's coming up. I know that you guys pay attention to every little note we play, and hey, if you're nice to me, who knows, maybe I'll be convinced to play a little more. Maybe even a little private concert preview!

After all, I'm the favorite here, right?

[/Video/Action Post]

[OoC: He is totes not the favorite. Probably the least favorite. Feel free to play that up. Now, as far as I've gathered, Time Bomb (for the weekend, at least), is comprised of [ profile] shiverandsing as lead guitar/singer, [ profile] loonyandproud as back-up guitar/singer, [ profile] totallyinaband as bass, [ profile] hatersbehatin on drums, and [ profile] sitaronthewater on sitar. Also [ profile] manofgnee is also their pyrotechnician, so, you know, watch out. 8|

If you'd like to be involved in some way, please feel free! Even if you've never interacted with anyone in it so far. Edit: Big concert post here. ALSO, YOU GUYS, THIS IS THE BEST POST EVER. 8'D]
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[Voice Post]

[When Demyx speaks, it's his voice, but pretty clearly not how he usually speaks.]

Reno, 5.
Megumi, 5.
Carl, 5.
Misao, 5.
Hiiragi, 5.
Hanna, 5.
Euphie, 5.
Curt, 5.
Menolly, 5.
Kazuo, 5.
Neil, 5.
Campbell, 5.

Huh. Well that was weird.

[/Voice Post]

[OoC: If your character's not on the list, don't worry, there's a reason. Comment if you'd like a rating from him, you might not be surprised! . . . Except if you're in the KH cast, then you will probably be surprised.]


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